This website was built and created by #LegitSoulja..
This website is only for developers that need fast access to libraries that they dont want to host on there own.
Fast and Free import scripts and more into your website and start using it. This website also is using BestAPI Library.
Visit the developer? LegitSoulja.info.


This website has a few copyright sources that is not copyrighted by BestAPI. These sources all included different CopyRighted information.
The source that you obtain is well likely not copyrighted by BestAPI but is hosted by BestAPI & Host.BestAPI.
Please do NOT proclaim that anything on this website is all BestAPI copyrighted when it is not!.


This website was created by LegitSoulja. Here is some social networks to find me. Facebook - Twitter
You are also able to contact me at support@legitsoulja.info for any contact reasons.

This website was created for 2 reasons. For me to be able to have quick access to my own scripts, and provide fast script hosting for everone else to use, and also I love making websites.
This website is for everyone to use as they wish. This website was created on October 25, 2014, And has over 13k people using BESTAPI!. You should use it aswell!.
You can also easily contact BESTAPI by double clicking anywhere on the page. Your smart for also seeing this about page. It's weird that you did. CopyRight problems? Oh, Just wondering.

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